I think I experienced a case of the stutters with my T-Box last night (well 3.30am but thats a different story!)

This was on the Disney channel and the video/audio stopped for about 5 seconds then stuttered for a further 5 seconds and then seemed to pick up where it had left off (presumably 10 seconds behind the live feed - not quite sure on that).

During that time I noticed the hard-drive chattering away quite heavily and so I wonder if there is a) an issue with by T-Box or b) there is a slight issue with the software which is causing the issue.

There wasn't anything recording at the time so the only hard drive activity I'd imagine would be there would be the live feed buffering. One thing I'm wondering is this was shortly after the T-Box was turned on (from standby) so does the hard drive take a little while to come up to speed and one should expect stuttering in this case?