Parents computer, Dell factory-installed 8.1, about 6 months old. Has been running perfectly well until about 3 weeks ago, when it suddenly started taking ages to shut down, most of the time needing to hold the power button to turn off. At the same time, Windows was always promoting to Update and Restart in the shutdown menu.

This coincided with a Windows update on May 19th, so I did a system restore back to this date. Once complete, it appeared to resolve the issue, with shutdown behaving as expected, and no Update and Restart prompt. I ran Malwarebytes over the system, with nothing found. I also disabled the Fast Start option in Power Settings, in case this had become corrupted.

However, Windows then promptly set about downloading and installing something like 37 updates, and the problem returned. :(

I'm about to go through all of the recent updates, and look at updating device drivers, but was hoping someone here had experienced this issue recently, and could offer some help.