Hi setting up a VPN between my home and work as a test. very simple setup

VPN host/server - windows vista basic (home)  

VPN Client - Windows xp pro. (work)

nither are on domains just in the same workgroup. 

So just to make things simple as this is my first VPN i have turned off the fire wall on both computers, and set both computers into DMZ zone so router firewalls wont effect things.

Once i have it working then i can change firewall settings.

So im going to access files that are at home from work

I have managed to set up my vpn so the computer at work will "connect" to my computer at home.

I can not get my work computer to see the share folders on my home computer.

i have set my incoming connection  to use an IP range that is within the ip range my router at home uses (im unsure if this is what you do)

So if i map a share folder at work using \\serverip\sharename it wont find it   

do i need to do somthing extra on my host\server side to get it to map?  thanks for your tips.