sir1963: There is this brilliant technology called "Outdoors", it has "Things to do", and your "Friends" are there kicking a ball, playing tag, etc etc etc and for thousands of years has been shown to be the ideal thing for kids.

Have you tried "Outdoors 2" which is for older children and includes "How To Hang Out At The Park Looking Menacing" and "Grunting At Adults - A Guide"?! Or the pirate rip off "Indoors" which includes "Playing GTA 4 Instead of Homework" and "Pron: how to hide it from Mum"....

To quote from a UK sketch show called The Fast Show..."Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts, isn't it? Hmm?"

Fortunately (for me and them) I have no children, but I do find it very hard to understand that in the 80's when I grew up I was still having to ask my father if I could use his phone (landline) to call a friend until I left home at 21 or so and these days 6 year olds have mobiles...!!

As my dear Mater would say, "It will end in tears!".