I have been selling software to the USA (through my own small company) for a number of years now and have had a few issues with this which have been resolved over time. However, I recently have hit a brick wall. Apparently as of June 2014 new tax laws were introduced in the USA dealing with withholding taxes for foreign companies. In January 2015 there was tightened up even more. So now my new customers are asking for a W8 form (aka W-8BEN-E, W9 or maybe Form 1120). This paperwork is not straight forward, I am unsure what form or forms they require and my USA clients are not helpful and are fearing penalties if they get it wrong.

The forms are complex, require treaty numbers to be quoted, request ambiguous information. I have made attempts at getting past the hurdles but have failed. I have had an IRS EIN number for over ten years now so at least that is done.

I have tried finding out information through NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), IRD, Chamber of Commerce etc. Not one can help and no one is terribly interested. Surely I can't be the only one struggling with this?

Has anyone had success with getting the paperwork done correctly?

Here is the form which is driving me nuts