I posted in off topic because I'm actually looking for someone who is in the know in Samsung NZ, not expecting anyone to fix my TV.


But here goes - I have a soon to be decade old Samsung Plasma TV. One day, the Freeview DVB-T tuner stopped working. 


So I reflashed the later firmware on the Samsung NZ website (which is the firmware that is on the TV already - I updated it 8 years ago) and the DVB-T tuner works! But it will not detect any of my HDMI sources.


So I reflashed the earlier firmware (also gotten from Samsung NZ website) - TV goes back to the previous state - HDMI sources work but DVB-T tuner not working. Which is fine, haven't watched "TV" for ages.


I am wondering if they have another firmware that works!


Otherwise I'm leaving it in its current state till it dies.