I have a Dutch email account that was compromised some time ago so I regularly get spam on it, along with some high quality scams. For awhile I was receiving very convincing Apple account scams in perfect Dutch on completely authentic-looking backgrounds. The only giveaway was a fake Apple address that superficially looked like it could have been genuine, but wasn’t.


Today I received something new. Again, it looks absolutely legitimate. This one says my credit card account has been blocked due to three failed login attempts. The only problem with that is I haven’t had a credit card in Holland for very many years. But anyone who did have one might well fall for this. It is very convincing.


I vaguely recall seeing something about this particular scam and its variants some time ago. I mention it here on the principle that if it is circulating in Europe, it will probably land here at some point. Most Geekzone members are pretty clued in but it doesn’t hurt to post another reminder to be vigilant and maybe to warn your non-tech friends and family. The days of ungrammatical windfalls from Nigerian princes are well and truly over.


p.s.: Also had a couple of phone calls from India the other day using Windows Event Viewer to try to persuade me that my computer was riddled with malware errors. They wanted me to click on an 'official' site that started with the numbers 1234 (!).