Does anyone have experience with Experian IdentityWorks?


It appears my details are amongst those of the 500 million in the compromised Starwood guest reservation database, and they are offering 12 months of this service free of charge.


I am a little curious what may have been disclosed, but I also know the information isn't particularly useful as my last stay with any of the identified chains was six years ago. My passport has long since expired (can't be used as primary ID in NZ after two years). Air NZ switched card providers, so the travel Mastercard is no longer valid. I likely settled my bill using my Visa, which will still have the same number, but the expiry and CVC have changed. Card information was encrypted and may not have been compromised anyway - the fact that I've not received any suspicious charges is probably sufficient evidence of that.


I already know my throw away e-mail address and password are available online (as does a 'hacker' who found my taste in porn to be quite unusual, apparently), but that's a somewhat less significant matter.