Hi All,

My trusty flatbed scanner has finally bit the dust so I'm in the market for a new one. Dont want to spend a fortunte, but am keen to be able to scan a bunch of old film negatives that I've got in the cuppboard, along with the normal A4 doco/picture stuff. Ascent has got a Microteck 3880 for $120 which I can add a "LightLid 35" film scanner thing for $45 which seems quite good - but a bit of googling hasnt really revealed much in the way of reviews about if this works ok or not.

The other option I saw was a canoscan lide600F (or something) that looks quite sexy - but doesnt seem like many people sell em in NZ and the few prices I did see were up around the $300 mark.

Anyone used either of these for scanning negatives - whats the guts on it? I'm not a photophile, but I do want my scans to approximate my original pics :)