Im keen to get a voip connection so that I can use the old 027-homeline-voipbox free local calls trick.

Anyway, I have a woosh connection here on the $30 plan that is saturated 24/7 doing p2p, i was thinking of using that for viop.

I dont want to get there poxy router for several reasons (its a router so no real IP on the computer and have to mess around with the firewall on it, and also it means that I get my line on an old-school analog jack which means slow dialing via dtmf and no call supervision coming back from the network)

So, can I get woosh on the softphone option and take the sip details and put them into asterisk ok or is it locked to there hardware like vonage in the states is?

Can I put a hub on the woosh so the PPPoE comes from the windows p2p box and the voice goes to the linux box? I dont want to have to deal with any nat or port fowarding hastles, I want the IP on the computer that it is to be used on.