This morning I've been having a wander around the Auckland Home Show this morning - and saw a cool new router that Woosh are demoing (looking at offering in the near future).

It's a Netgear MBR814X - and mostly just like your standard Netgear WiFi router.... except it takes a Woosh PC Card as it's WAN connection!! - (I'm posting this on my laptop connected through the WiFi + Woosh connection)

Netgear announced a PC Card router several months ago from memory - and now they've got the IPWireless card driver written to take the Woosh PC Card. (
Another cool thing they have put in the drivers - you can find out your signal stats from the PC card when you're connected!

It looks a lot better than the "ugly grey box" voice gateway (this doesn't have VOIP on it, though). It's not available yet, but the Woosh sales people said that they're looking at offering it pretty soon (couldn't get any word on price though)