This device has a 'jukebox' feature where you can put mp3's or rip CDDA to. It's now obsolete with ASO looming and I want to move these elsewhere.

Doesn't seem to be any copy option and while the manual says they can be played with WMP, I've installed this but can't find any of the files with it (and see if copying with WMP works).

It connects via USB and the (Windows XP) PC sees the recorder as a camera in Explorer so no 'Sharing and Security' option. You can see the files and folder structure. Attempting copy/paste moves a file but it becomes 0 bytes long. The Copy Pictures wizard bombs with 'unknown error'.

So I guess Pioneer have crippled it on purpose. I could start over but it'd take ages, but feel somewhat peeved that Pioneer is dictating what I can/can't have. I'd rather find some way to do this.

If I drag out the HD and connect it directly to the PC, am I likely to see anything?  Is there any software that might help ?  Thanks !  At a push I could also try Windows 7 or linux.