Hey guys/gals, long time lurker first time poster.


My current ViewSonic VA2226w has developed white scanlines over the lower half of the screen, they used to dissapear after warmup, but no longer!


So, time for a new monitor.


I'm a photographer, so after something with good colour reproduction and colours.  I know IPS panes are the shiznit for accuracy, but the cheaper ones seem to be lacking, and I am not going to spend $1500 on a monitor at this time.  Gaming capabilities are not really important.  1080p for the occasional movie playback is fairly important.


Have done some research, and so far the LG Flatron W2486L at $429 from Computer Lounge seems to be the standout choice, although there's not much in the way of details in the reviews regarding colour reproduction/contrast etc.


The samsun XL2370 is also recommended but seems quite a bit more expensive in NZ at $511 on pricespy.


So, opinions? Place bets now!