Dell has the U2410 at $649 with a $300 discount.

This is not quite the deal the U2412M was @ $199.00(NZD) but with $300 off the 'standard' U2410 price it's not to bad.

The U2410 does have a 3.5mm audio output along with just about every other connection including component and composite.

The U2410 was plagued by colour issues with 'pink' tint on some screens. Dell states this is normal... yer right.

I have two U2410 and one has a noticeable tint on the lower half of the screen, the other has a VERY faint tint in the centre of the screen as seen on the 'white' screen. However given I got two for $700(NZD) two years ago I don't feel to cheated.

Guessing Dell is just trying to get rid of old stock so one may be able to haggle and get an even lower price.

Guessing it's hard to shift a U2410 when for the average joe a U2412M does the job at a cheaper price anyway.