Hi folks,


I'm totally new to consoles and a bit bamboozled by the lack of control at "master account" level on the PS4. Just wondering if there's anyone else who has set up usable parental controls so the whole family can access to console  without having to worry about my young 'un launching into something inappropriate. Not so worried about the older lad. 


As far as I can tell though, despite having set up a user account for each, and a sub-account on SEN/PSN for my older child - restricting access to games is only available as a global option - one age limit fits all for the entire console. 


Ideally I'd be able to say that User 1 has access to all games, User 2 has access to everything except R18 games, and User 3 only has access to E(veryone) games. 


At the least just the option to bypass the restrictions by entering the code would be useful rather than having to dig through the settings menu to get to the games access option. Even if I could bookmark this option so it was more accessible that would be great. 


I done a fair bit of websearching and skimmed the game forums, but mostly it's kids complaining about their limited access. 


Anyone got any useful advice?