Hi guys.

I have previously upgraded the HDD in my Xbox from a 8gb, to a 40gb.

I would like to upgrade it again, to a 500gb HDD. I would get it on Trademe, however there are no large capacity drives for sale at the moment, at a decent price. I'm thinking of buying a 500gb SATA hdd, and just getting a SATA to IDE adaptor of trademe for about $10. The question is have any of you attempted this, and if so what adaptor that you got on trademe, or anywhere else for that matter in NZ works with the Xbox. Becuase I haven't had all the best experience with an adaptor I bought about a year ago, so I'm not sure how those adaptors work. Do they work properly, and most importantly can they work with an Xbox original, I have heard some people say they work perfectly, others have tried it complained about it miserably, while others said it works on the whole, however because it's so slower then usual they wouldn't recommend it.

What do you guys think?