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Topic # 110683 14-Oct-2012 19:59 Send private message

A few days ago I traded 3360 fly buys points in for a PS Vita. Here are my thoughts so far.

Day 1: Had to work late so didn't get much of a chance to play with it when I got home. Unboxed it and had a good look at it as you do. Pressed all the buttons and such as you do. Then I decided that before I turn it on I'll slip the provided sim card in... uh oh my stubby bitten down fingernails couldn't for the life of me pull the slider out to slip the sim card in. Had to use a nearby tab off a can to pull the thing out, no biggie though as I won't be doing it again anytime soon. I then turned it on and preceded to go through the set-up steps. All the usual guff, time and date, wifi etc, then I got to the PSN sign up part and was quite surprised that because it needed a system update I had to make a temporary sign in so I could update it. Hmm still no biggie but kind of annoying. After I updated and signed in I then played a little with the built in game/tutorial Welcome Park which is full of mini games to get you accustomed to the many control systems the Vita has. I was rather impressed with capacitive touch screen response, not so much with the rear touchpad as it must be single touch and I was getting rather frustrated with the mini game only to realise that my other finger was still touching the side and therefore it was not registering my other finger. The sixaxis works like a charm. Unlike a lot of people I'm quite fond of motion gaming and was pleased with that. The camera was fun as well, I got my Terminator skull to move and talk, took three attempts and when it did it looked freakishly stupid but was good for a laugh and for showing the off some of it's functions. I was pretty happy with the fact that I was earning trophies while playing these mini games as well.

Day 2: Now this was the day the thing started to bug me a bit. Not really because of the hardware (it didn't freeze or anything) but mainly because of Sony's incredibly stupid decision to make overpriced proprietary memory cards and not even include a measly 512mb in the box. A little on board storage might have been nice as well but no. So I decided to jump online and future proof myself by ordering a 32gb card. I had yourvoice survey points to spend and unfortunately Mighty Ape were all out so I had to import one through Fishpond with up to a one month wait and even with the $100 off I got it still cost me $33, FML I could have got a 1tb external for that sort of money. The least Sony could have done was released the 32gb memory cards worldwide on release. So for the record I couldn't download any of the apps and have a play, I couldn't download any game demos or Wipeout 2048, I couldn't use the camera, actually all I can really do at the moment until my memory card arrives is thrash the hell out of Welcome Park. Well alright then I'll just get myself a game that doesn't require a memory card. How 'bout Uncharted... No, ok what about Little Deviants... No, ok I know I'll get Modnation Racers oh wait I already own it on PSP through PSN I'll just transfer it over... Doh. NOT HAVING A MEMORY CARD WITH A VITA IS LIKE NOT HAVING AN ACTIVE SIM CARD WITH A MOBILE PHONE. Sure I can use some of the features but I can't use it for the majority of the things it was made for.

Day 3: Went to turn it on, it didn't turn on so I plugged it in and was worried when I didn't see any kind of light on it, checked the manual, orange light when charging, looked at it again and was quite surprised to see I'd plugged the cord in upside down. I'm used to things only going in one way or not at all. Oh well plugged it in the right way, orange flashing light, don't remember reading anything about light flashing, attempted to turn on, no success, checked manual again, nothing about orange flashing light, Google search "an orange flashing light while charging indicates that the Vita is too low to power up", Ok then. About five minutes later the device stopped flashing so I turned it on and thought I'd try out the browser but as I did I noticed the 3G symbol instead of the wifi and thought screw that I'm not wasting my 100mb so went into the settings and connected again but while messing around with the other settings I noticed it disconnected again, another Google search "Vita will disconnect from access point when not in use to conserve battery power, will reconnect when app is opened that requires it, no settings to change this". Hmm can be a little frustrating as it is time consuming when opening the app, I am surprised there's no option to change this. Tried the browser, it's what you'd expect from a console browser a lot easier to use however with the touchscreen as opposed to a controller or remote.

Day 4 (Today): Had a quick play with "near" an app which lets you know of any nearby Vita users within a 10km radius. Absolutely had no idea what I was doing, it really needed it's own tutorial but it only had hints, still wasn't really sure what was going on, but I was surprised that there was another seven Vita users within an 8km radius. Unsure however if they were all online at the time or they had just checked in at that location last, probably the latter. Also had a play with Google maps, works fine however was disappointed there was no turn by turn navigation built in, otherwise I might have considered the car mount.

Overall so far I think the Vita has great potential however it is a $300 device with a $500 price tag. If I didn't get it for free I wouldn't even have considered the 3G version and the fact that I wouldn't consider anything less than a 16gb memory card you're looking at at least another $70 not including the price of games. It's memory card dependence is a downside as well, it's so important to have at least some memory I feel it should be bundled with some. It will be interesting once more games come out and the price gradually comes down and hopefully they start bundling them with memory cards. I'll update this thread once I get a game next week sometime.

Also for those tl;dr people here's the summary

Day 1: Worn fingernails couldn't open card slots. Really quite impressed with control system and trophy support.

Day 2: No memory card = No fun.

Day 3: First charge confusing. Wifi connection confusing. Browser is acceptable.

Day 4: "near" extremely confusing. Maps disappointing.

Overall: Great potential, too expensive.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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  Reply # 702217 16-Oct-2012 19:29 Send private message

Day 5: Had a play with remote play, it worked, not well but it worked, music was fine over private network but laggy over wifi. Unfortunately it told me that it required a wifi connection to work over the internet. Not sure why though as the Sony Ericsson Aino could do it over 3G. 3G would have been nice as I could have accessed my PS3 and set-up a recording if I wasn't going to make it home in time. Another let down really.

Day 6: Bought Little Deviants today for $20 knowing full well I couldn't play it until I got a memory card. Tried it anyway in the hope that it would let me play without saving... it didn't. Also got a text message from Vodafone asking me to text back a "how likely r u to recommend Vodafone to a friend/colleague" rating for their web page I used. Unfortunately you can only receive them but if I could text back I would have given them 5/10.

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  Reply # 704834 22-Oct-2012 21:56 Send private message

What is the battery life like? Maybe for a average gamer or compared with another handheld device.



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  Reply # 704839 22-Oct-2012 22:32 Send private message

I've ordered a game that doesn't require a memory card from Mighty Ape so I'll be able to let you know soon. I can tell you that on standby it's about a week. Nothing else seems to have a major impact on the battery.

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  Reply # 712179 5-Nov-2012 12:31 Send private message

Well I finally tested it, I played Army Corps of Hell which is one of the few games that doesn't require a memory card for a little over one hour and the battery bar has not gone down a single iota. Whether this is because of excellent battery life or a poor battery indicator I don't know, but I'd be betting on the latter.

As for the game Army Corps of Hell well it's not a bad game easily worth the $19 I paid for it. It's a minion game with similar humour as Overlord however nowhere near as fun to play. It's learning curve is way up there with no practice mode and only a limited time to read any instructions that might be given. I feel I'll get very frustrated once the game gets harder, there's also no difficulty setting. The soundtrack is great especially if your into heavy metal. Overall I'd give the game a generous 7/10.

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  Reply # 712184 5-Nov-2012 12:39 Send private message

Vita battery life is pretty good and the game visual quality is amazing. Unfortunately the launch games were hit and miss, some very very miss. Resistance was amazing for gameplay quality, the console really shines with that game. Dungeon Hunters was also very enjoyable.

I think in a year it will be a serious little beasty, but right now it lacks for quality games. The PSP games you can buy online are very much overpriced and many of "the best" are missing. AusNZ PSP games downloaded on the PS3 not on the Vita store will not work on the Vita when their EU counterparts will (Crisis Core, Killzone for example).

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  Reply # 712199 5-Nov-2012 12:48 Send private message

Yeah I'll definitely be looking at getting Resistance later on. Unfortunately I'm still waiting on my memory card, I'll never ever buy from fishpond again. I didn't know that certain downloaded PSP games don't work over here, that's disappointing.

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  Reply # 712214 5-Nov-2012 13:17 Send private message

I hear you about the memory card. I was fortunate enough to win a PS Vita and a bunch of games. I was at a tech conference when my wife TXTed me to let me know it had been delivered to me. I excitedly hurried home after the conference, but to my dismay none of the games could be played until I had ponied up the cash for a memory card. There went my Friday night plans :-)

Speaking of games, I'd recommend Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Out of the bunch I won (with the disclaimer that I'm still waiting for 5 to be delivered), that was my favourite by quite a margin. Not quite as good as the latter PS3 counterparts, as there aren't any real epic set pieces, but an enjoyable game nevertheless. I also thought the sixaxis support was used well to hone the aim mechanic.

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  Reply # 716117 12-Nov-2012 23:27 Send private message

Ok I've had my memory card for a couple of days now and I must say things are starting to look a lot brighter. I've downloaded both the youtube and facebook app and both work like a charm, well as good as you would expect them to work at least. I probably won't use the facebook app too often as I can just use my phone, but I've noticed there are certain games you can share your progress with that I imagine you wouldn't be able to do without the app. I will however use the youtube app as the videos look 100 times better on the Vita.

I also played with one of the free AR games 'Fireworks'. This game was mind numbingly easy, all you had to do was keep the Vita pointed at the AR card and touch the fireworks at the right time to make them explode. I eventually just let myself run out of "lives" when I got passed 5,000,000. Later I realised that depending on which AR card you use depends the games difficulty so my own fault really for rushing into it.

Also played another free game called Ecolibrium. It's a real time ecosystem simulator that looks quite a bit of fun. So far anyway, I've only played the tutorial. Just imagine a Tamagotchi but 1000 times bigger as you are control of a whole planet. Maybe similar to some of the god games out there.

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  Reply # 718644 17-Nov-2012 09:45 Send private message

I bought my Vita in Ireland on a recent trip out of boredom. Picked it up for an ok price bundled with a 8gb card and Resistance. I went with the 3G model only because that's what they had in stock.
I then went around and picked up as many cheap games as I could, Fifa, Ridge Racer, uncharted, gravity rush and metal gear solid. So far I've been really impressed with the features of the vita but there are some glaring obvious let downs.... App support for one. There are the odd app which is nice, Facebook, twitter, Skype but generally, u would have thought there would be some Google Play or iOS cross over games.
It's frustrating that the memory cards are so expensive. I quickly ran out of space on mine and had to delete everything to pick up GTA from the pap archive. Even they I was shocked at the difference between the two platforms. But it does showcase how good the vita really is.
I read recently that Sony is finally going to stop making games that use every little gimmick like the rear touch pad in order to just make good games and the recent and upcoming releases look promising. Little Big Planet is awesome and quite cheap at $68 from EB. Assassins Creed 3 looks good to but as I just bought it on the 360, I'm going to wait. I've heard worrying things about the studio that made the new COD game so I will hold off on that till I see some good reviews.
I love what Sony are doing with the PS3 and Vita game releases. I will utilise this soon and enjoy the experience on both consoles.

All in all, it's been a slow, unsupported start for the Vita but I am looking forward to the future with the portable system.

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  Reply # 718862 17-Nov-2012 19:03 Send private message

Gspcdman: I bought my Vita in Ireland on a recent trip out of boredom.

Note to self: Don't go to Ireland lol.

Yesterday I had some mad fun playing Frobisher Says with a work mate. There was a stage where you had to look around the room for a bird and when you found it keep the camera fixed on it. My mate couldn't find the thing for ages and although she had run out of time the level wouldn't end until she got it.

So far very impressed with the free content, I can't recall any free games on PS3.

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  Reply # 718866 17-Nov-2012 19:15 Send private message

Strangely, I don't know anyone with a Vita... And the people I work with are all girls in their early 20s. Rarely do I have a conversation about something I'm interested in. Sigh.

I might get All Stars next week though... That looks good.

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  Reply # 718869 17-Nov-2012 19:22 Send private message

She doesn't have a Vita either, you just pass it back and forth depending on who's turn it is. It was fun because we both had no idea what we were doing. It's up to 12 players as well.

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  Reply # 720417 20-Nov-2012 22:21 Send private message

the new update to the vita has left me wondering if its worth signin up to ps+? what do u think?

i am also going to buy a bigger memory card so i can download more games  Black Friday should do it!

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  Reply # 720462 21-Nov-2012 00:13 Send private message

Nice I didn't even realise there was an update until you just let me know. But after updating I didn't notice anything especially for Vita users with PS+. Anyway there's a free 30 day trial floating around if you use Facebook. So I suggest try before you buy.

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  Reply # 720464 21-Nov-2012 00:18 Send private message

And coincidently enough I just received my code for it as soon as I posted it.

Oh and I meant *special instead of especially.

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