joshp: Hi Andrew,

Firstly apologies for the issues today, as you are aware this is a completely new hardware set from Cisco and caught us off guard a little, in saying that we have since knowing about the hardware had numerous discussions with Ciso about the changes involved and what was causing your customers issues, we have since implemented new provisioning systems to cater for the device but because this device was a custom build when our automated system kicked off the number port all of the changes were lost.

As far as I am aware the customer is now working correctly and is set in our provisioning system so any further changes should not result in the same fault occuring.  Feel free to PM me if this is not the case.



Yes customer now has active phone. Someone did some sweet talking cause she was actually positive about WxC. Hope everything goes smooth now. Will be calling past to tomorrow to connect Cisco box into house wiring. Andrew