Trying to get port forwarding going through a B970b

It has a fixed IP and responds to pings from WAN side.

I am using Shields up to check if ports are open as well from LAN side.

Have port forwarded RDP 3389 and SMTP  25 ports to two separate servers on the LAN under
Security - Virtual Server

Firewall switch is set to on.

Shields up shows all ports in stealth mode.
If I turn off the firewall the ports show but are closed except for ports 23 and 80 which don't have port forwarding applied. In fact port 25 shows as stealth still.

What am I missing it setting up the device. The only manual I can find is which indicates I am doing the right things.
Google search does not bring anything else up for this model :(

Anyone else got this working and can advise setting please?