I now have an ISP giving me very good broad band, (a thousand thank yous to Snap)and this has highlighted a problem I can't solve. wonder if anyone has any thoughts.

I'm using a 3Com Office Connect ADSL Wireless 11G Firewall Router, model 3CRWDR101A-75.

It has great sync speeds and is solid as a rock. I'm on ADSL2 here and am now connecting at around 17981 KBP/s down and about 1000 up. Downloads via my PC connected to the router using wired Ethernet are now blazing fast. I am getting over 2 MB/sec on local sites and have had over 1 MB/Sec on some US downloads.

The problem though is that anything connected via wireless is going significantly slower most of the time. There are one or two sites where downloads seem to be quite fast, but most of them are not. yet if I stop the download and try the same file on a wired PC, it's fine.

I upgraded to the firmware and reset to factory defaults, tried without WPA encryption for a short time, and changed the channel from 11 to 1 in case there was interference. None of that has helped.

I'm loving this speed so much that I'll happily go and buy a new router if that's the quickest way to a resolution, but I am no networking expert so thought I'd see if there's anything obvious to you guys that I've overlooked.

Thanks for any help.