Hi all

Im not sure if this should be posted here, or another forum,  so sorry if its in the wrong spot.
Just not sure where else It fits in.


Im trying to get wireshark working on a VM (HyperV) but I can't seem to figure it out.


I have two network cards on my host, one for regular traffic and one which is connected to the span port of my switch.


If I run wireshark on the host, i can see the span traffic coming though fine. but when I add that interface to my VM i dont see any traffic.


Im sure theres a setting somewhere that will make it work, or a way to bind that interface to the VM as if its a hardware interface rather than a virtual one, but I can't seem to find it, and iv run out of ideas on what to google.


Someone on another forum has given m e instructions on how to pass though a network card directly to the VM, but they say theres stability issues with it.
However the instructions are from microsoft so Im not sure if there are issues or not?

He has also given me instructions on doing port mirroring on the virtual switch on the VM host, but not for an external source.

Any ideas on where I can go moving forward?