Ive got a UMPC with an internally mounted VNT6656 chipset VIA network USB 802.11 wireless card.
Im also messing around with getting mac os x on the device.

VIA never made any mac drivers for the VIA branded card. However, I know the card uses the VNT6656 chipset. I googled around, and found another usb wireless card, with a different brand, but the same VNT6656 chipset. The good thing about this was it had mac os x drivers. However, for obvious reasons, the drivers do not install because the cards are different. Is there any way to change the device ID, manufacturer etc of the VIA card in my UMPC so it will work with the other cards drivers? Alternatively, any way to change the mac driver to work with the VIA card? Theoretically, since the cards use the same chipset, i should just be able to edit the info.plist and change the device name to what OS X sees the card as in System profiler?

Sorry if this didnt make sense, or is just plain stupid. Ive been using mac for 1 day