Tried 3 headphones - a genuine motorola, a chinense "motorola" off ebay and a no brand clip on adapter that takes 3.5mm phones.

All have a problem where the audio cuts out then plays fast to catch up when played on the computer, and just cut out all the time on a N95 even when right beside the phone (they are hopeless if the phone is in my pocket on the other side from the headphones recieving bit.

Doesnt seem to be interference since I have tried it with no wifi on the laptop or phone active and same thing happened.

So is this just par for the cource with a2dp or is there some magic combination of drivers that may help on the laptop (which is worse then the phone by a mile)

Its using the thinkpad built in broadcom with software

I really want to have some wireless headphones on the laptop that are not needing a stupid transmitter dongle thingie, and with the phone too, but I have being pretty disillusioned with it so far.

I am happy to try a bluetooth dongle on the PC to see if that helps but it would be one of those tiny ones that only sticks out a few mm.