Hey guys

My Telecom-supplied Thomson wireless router is dying, and I need some help with figuring out the best replacement. Here is my setup:

Telecom ADSL 2+ connection with dedicated splitter jackpoint in study. One old eMac connected via Ethernet in that room.

In the lounge I have a PS3 also connected to my current router via ethernet. I also have a relatively new iMac with wireless n that has no ethernet port handy so connects wirelessly (currently by wireless g but want wireless n now). We also have an iPad and two iPhone 4s that will need to connect.

All wireless devices on the network are Wireless N capable.

One requirement is for me to be able to stream media from the iMac to the PS3. Currently this is hit-and-miss and I often end up transferring the video file to a USB stick instead. I am guessing that this is because although the PS3 is connected to the router via ethernet the iMac is connected via wireless g -- should wireless n resolve this? And if so will just about any wireless n router do to the trick since I have no wireless g devices on the network to muddy the waters?

I have tried to research the options myself but every time I find one that I think looks good I find horror stories on the net from people who have had nothing but issues. I'd really like a good recommendation -- budget is upto $250.

Thanks for listening and look forward to some suggestions!