I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Elite Keyboard and Mouse. I recently irreparably damaged the Bluetooth receiver. I purchased two i.connect Bluetooth Dongle from a locale electronics store. The package came with a BlueSoleil software ROM. I have two laptops at a single work station at home (one for work and one for personal use). I'd rather not have to have use two keyboards and two mouses.

I have two questions:

1. Is the keyboard and mouse capable of being paired to two different dongles/laptops (only one laptop would be running at a time). I've tried several times to accomplish this however once paired to the first dongle/laptop, a Dell, any attempts to pair the devices to the second dongle/laptop, a Toshiba, wipes out the pairing address programmed into the first dongle/laptop and vice-verse. Is there a work around for this type of action, i.e. being able to manually enter identical pass keys for both devices on both laptops so that no matter which laptop is being used the devices will recognize and be recognized?


2. Is it possible to load the BlueSoleil software on both laptops and then pair the devices to the dongle while connected to computer number one, then shutdown computer number one, remove the Bluetooth dongle, plug it into computer number two - carrying over the two pairing addresses, and have the Bluetooth software/second computer recognize the Bluetooth devices?

Thanks in advance,