I just thought I might post a quick review following up on Scott Palmers one here

Before I bought these:

Crap, $360 for speakers and a hard case? These better be good - I was actually sceptical given the size of these speakers vs the price, how could these be so good? There doesn't seem to be much room in it to actually produce decent sound.

I then pulled out my credit card, thought a bit, thought it's best to not think and just went for it. I did my research so what could go wrong? Poor card.

They arrived!

Just 5 days later after my credit card got a hammering they arrived! I opened the box, put them on charge and kept working. Cranked them out on my break and powered them up. I was surprised how easy it was to pair with my laptop - except pairing more devices is slightly annoying since there is no "Hey put me in pairing" button on the unit itself.

Then I played a high quality flac - it was amazing, I didn't except such decent sound from such a little unit - you have to hear it to believe it. I forgot the non-slip mat and before I realised they bounced off the table, these speakers pack a punch.

For the price, they are well worth it, it's a premium product but I except them to last a wee while, the build quality is excellent and they have a fair bit of weight to them, but these things are truly tiny.

One of the major problems I had was the "bluetooth pairing fest" I encountered when turning them on at home, everyone in my flat had their phones ready to pair - it's pretty-much first in first served when it comes to connecting to them, I wish this thing had firmware updates to fix that.


If you have spare Benjamins and want an decent pair of portable speakers - these are the ones to get. They are truly amazing for their size.

Grab em from Here