we just bought an aeg one...starting to think it was a waste of money. the damn thing just wont dry clothes unless we put it on the timer dry function only...any of the bazillion settings it has results in wet washing...one load wifey put in was a few school shirts for the kids and it decided to just stop about 30 mins into the cycle . feckin useless....and to use the time dry function we have to push like 100 buttons to get it to start that cycle




my advice is just buy a normal dryer and use the money you saved for power bills







Your doing something wrong or it has a fault we have had an AEG for 2 years with no problems, you should be able to put it on extra dry and forget it.


Put washing in......select cycle.....push start and walk away....not much to get wrong.
We set the dryness to the dryest it will go and use the extra dry cotton function and still wet Damn washing totally effing useless. Only way to get dry washing is the 2 hour timed function.


Then you have a faulty unit would assume the humidity  sensor is not working correctly hence only drying clothes when you go to a time based program.