So, I went and bought 4 amazon alexa devices.  The idea, I could have one for myself and one for each child and we can use the intercom feature too. 


We have spotify family , so everyone has their own spotify account (5 spotify accounts in total). 


I made one alexa account and linked all 4 devices to that account.  But, i can't figure out how to link each device to a different spotify account. 


eg, this is what i want....


alexa account->


  ->device1 ->spotify account1


 ->device2 ->spotify account 2


 ->device 3 ->spotify account 3


 ->device 3 ->spotify account 3




But, this is the only way of doing it that i can see...


alexa account->spotify account1










So, all devices on my alexa account must use the same spotify account . 




Is there a solution so that each device under the same alexa account can be linked to a unique spotify account?   


My research to date says no!