Friend has a hills home hub with only the phone patch panel installed in it (along with a crapload of now disused RF modulators and stuff for the old security cameras)


Need to sort out all the cabling which at the moment is either on the phone patch or has a RJ45 crimped on the solid cable into a cheap switch.


In any case, I need to put 2 8 port patch panels into it to move all the cables onto.


Will the Dynamix HPP-1008-1SL from PB tech fit straight into these or is the hole spacing not a standard? I've not had too much to do with these home wannabe network cabinets.


Also is there universal plates to go into them that will take the likes of a unifi switch on it, that will then mount securely? the "installer" of the last stuff used double sided tape which has all let go now for the gear that went into it.