I am on the lookout for a competent infrastructure engineer to join our small team which develops and runs a SaaS platform in the cloud. This is a low-mid level role, we already have good cover at the senior level.

The technology we use includes Git, Jenkins, Chef, Linux, Postgres, Cassandra, Memcached, Solr, Zookeeper, RabbitMQ, Consul, Nginx, HAProxy, Rails, AWS, Rackspace and Cisco. 

We move at a fast, agile pace; we are constantly digging into new and interesting things.

Role-specific duties include:
 - become highly skilled in owning and scaling the persistence layers of the platform, e.g. Postgres, Cassandra, Solr, Cloud storage

General duties include:
 - maintaining and improving our deployment systems, e.g. Chef and Jenkins
 - scaling production systems to meet user demand
 - administering 150+ servers in various environments
 - working with our developers to solve problems and build new features
 - working with the technical team to design and implement new systems for the platform
 - responding to system failures, problem escalations and exceptions
 - a minor amount of on-call work for planned and unplanned events

Some previous experience and commercial skills in IT infrastructure is necessary, but we will take a close look at any applicant that is hungry to learn. Preference will be given to people who eat technology for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

If you are looking to move on from an existing IT role and want to learn something new, this might be for you. This would not be the right role for someone with zero commercial experience.

This is not a software developer role, but you would be expected to know (or learn) how to program in Ruby. All our technical team members are proactive, proficient coders, regardless of their actual technical role. This bit is not negotiable, but we are willing to provide training to the right person.

The company is based in Auckland City. It is growing and financially stable, with good management and solid investment. This kind of opening doesn't come up very often. 

Please PM me for more information.