iPhones ipod Cover Flow issue

i cannot get all my album cover flows to show

i have about 45 albums & about 5 wont show

for the problem covers.

i have removed album covers in itunes
1 by 1 per album

then added again to whole album.

while album syncs ok

when i check it on the iphone
its either gone again or another album cover is missing.

some covers you can see coming on the flow but when it gets to the centre its blacked out?

others you cant see coming on the flow at all.

& in Albums all songs Alphabetacal order some covers show black

also if you have a compilaton album of various artists you get the same cover for each artist.

just an annoying pain in the apple

iPhone MB500X
not sure here posting what i think is correct

  • OTB Version: MB500X

  • Bootloader:

  • Current Firmware: 3.0.1 (7A400) 

  • Baseband: 04.26.08 

  • Unlock Method: ?

  • Currently SIM Unlocked: ?

  • Jailbroken: No

  • Does IMEI in Settings/General/About match the back of the iPhone: ?