For sale is a HP ProBook 650 G1,


All working 100%, absolutely no issues


Intel Core i5-4200M (2 cores 4 threads)


4GB DDR3L-1600 RAM, there's 1 slot empty for more expansion.


128GB Transcend SATA SSD


1366x768 LCD (I believe on this model of laptop you can swap it for a 1080p screen but don't quote me on that)


Genuine HP 200W Charger
(This charger is designed for the docking station I believe but will work fine with the laptop (it's the charger I've been using with it), charging it extremely quickly from 0%)


Genuine HP Battery, Battery lasts around 6 hours, so roughly a day of uni if I turn it off between classes.


Windows 10 Pro preinstalled


I have been using this laptop for a year and have loved it to bits, it's easily one of the more powerful laptops I've owned.


Sadly however I don't really use it compared to my desktop PC (it pretty much just did Word and OneNote all year at uni) so I don't really see the need to have such a grunty laptop carried around every day.


I'm looking for around $200 but I'm open to offers, or swaps if you've got a decent ish laptop that's relatively light (I don't need the horsepower in a laptop so weight and battery life are more important)