Put very simply, the above all are for sale. I got them into NZ brand new for circa $370 NZD after taking advantage of various sales thinking that I would use them to expand my photography options for when I don't have my mirrorless with me. But in the end I found these weren't for me (they do what Moment advertises very well but I couldn't get over the feeling as someone who has a camera that I love that if I were to carry extras around, I might as well carry my camera).  They are in practically brand new condition. If you want to give these a go, you can grab this collection for substantially cheaper than you can buy brand new for absolutely zippo difference. I'm okay with just selling the lenses if you have another phone but would prefer to let both lenses go at once if possible.


Make me an offer and we can go from there. Pick up available in Auckland (North Shore or Newmarket/CBD).