I'm looking to pickup a used server rack, preferably a smaller one (height wise) so that I can put my Dell R710 in it. Preferably in Hamilton but if someone has one in Auckland I can probably sort out going up there.


I preferably want a smaller one since I don't want to pay an arm and a leg in shipping or delivery, so if it's a bigger rack but can be disassembled into pieces that would fit in, say, a Toyota Camry (which is a sedan), that would be awesome too.


I'm also looking for the original Dell rails for the R710, since mine didn't come with any, and I have no idea if you can use generic rails with it (sorta new to this whole server thing)




I'm not 100% sure what each of these things are worth, but I'm happy with a reasonable sounding offer. I'm in no rush at the moment to buy, the server is running fine sitting on my desk, so I'm happy to wait for a good deal.