Everything works except for the motherboard. The guy at the repair shop tested it all and said only motherboard needs replacing but costs a fortune so I brought a new laptop. Specs of this one is:

CPU: 1.6Ghz AMD dual core (I think its 1.6ghz, might be higher)
80GB HD and I have another HD which is 160 or 320gb, cant remember but will check. I can sell that seperatly.
1.5gb ram in 1x1gb and 1x512mb and I have a spare 512mb lying around if i can find it
15" lcd
HP media remote
Nvidia graphics but the chip is soldered to the board I think but you might be able to get it off.

Let me know if your interested.

Will sell for say... $70?

PM me if interested.

P.S its all in parts too. They didn't put it back together when they pulled it apart.

Also it comes with the battery and wall charger which can be used on a lot of HP and Compaq notebooks