Hi all,

What I have here is a Motorola Xoom (Bought from Telecom about 3 months ago) - It's in new condition complete with the portfolio case, HDMI Cable, box etc.

Details Here - this is the 32gb version, has Quad Band 3G so will work on any network you throw it at, feels very sturdy in the hand and is really a nice tablet to use. I just don't need it anymore since I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which does what I need very nicely.

The Motorola Xoom is also powered by the Tegra II chipset with 1gb of ram, complete with a 5mp rear facing camera and a 2mp front camera, Android Honeycomb v3.2, Gorilla Glass for the display and it the perfect device to watch videos on, play games and surf the internet while you are out and about.

Question, why would I go with a Android Tablet over the iPad? Well, it boils down to personal choice, I bought the Xoom since I liked how you don't have to hook it up to a computer to do every update plus it seems a far better device for what most people do, it's simple to use + you can customize it to your hearts content.

These retail for $1149 from Telecom (Link Here) - this tablet is pretty-much as you would get it from the box, it has had very little use but it's begging for somebody's fingerprints, plus you also get the portfolio case + HDMI Cable with it (valued at just under $100)

Be kind guys, I would accept offers over about $800 which for this tablet is a absolute bargain.