I know there has been some discussion of this topic in the past, but not much recently as I can see.  I'd be interested in people's experience with using PDAs for flying (particularly recreational; I'm a PPL), whether mapping or non-mapping.

Seems from what I've read that the options include:
A small handheld such as the Garmin 96C.  How good is a screen this size?
A GPS with a large screen such as the (discontinued) iQue i3600 or M4.
A PDA connected to an external GPS receiver (which you'd probably need in a high-wing plane anyway).  I presume you'd have to buy the maps separately?
As I rent planes I don't want a built in (panel) model, and for versatility (ability to use out of the plane) I'm not sure the bigger units such as the Garmin 196/296 are the go but am open to ideas.

I've used Garmin models just as examples; I'm not necessarily wedded to them.

Then what do you do about maps?  I have heard of people buying PDA-type GPS from a supplier in Aussie that come with New Zealand aviation charts, but can't remember the brand or model.  How does it work just using topo-type maps and cross-referencing to the paper charts you'd be carrying anyway?

Lots of beginner questions, but I feel there must be some experience out there I could benefit from.  Thanks in advance for any advice.