Hey Fellas

I have no idea what's up with Slingshots carriers routing methods to Singapore but it's by far the worse I've ever seen. I know the Perth-Singapore cable is up and that Slingshot is utilising it.  However how it's carriers are utilising it make it look like Slingshot is being a little shafted. I have no idea why VOCUS hands the connection over to Telstra when they've said to me that they peer straight to singapore and I'll show you guys in the Pictures Below of what I mean.

This is the Default to the World of Tanks Server in Singapore.

This is the route it takes when using WTFast Server via sg3.wtfast.com [VOCUS peering straight to Singapore]

Cheers guys. Hope this gets fixed soon because I don't understand why we should be playing a game at 250ms+ when we should be playing with 150ms or less.