Just a quick question on the MTU/MSS for 2degrees - 

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Didn't realise that MTU should be 1500. I've had mine at 1492.
So the recommended for a 2degrees 1gig connection is - 


Set the MTU to 1508 on the main Ethernet interface going to your ONT
Set the MTU to 1500 on the PPPoE interface
Set the MTU to 1500 on every other interface


Disable MSS clamping? There was a default value set but had no interface set. Should this be disabled?


My speeds are 910+ so no noticable difference.







- 1508 on the main ethx ethernet interface going to the ONT


- 1508 on the ethx.10 interface


- 1500 on the PPPoE interface




I'm not currently running my ER4 (I switch firewall/routers all the time) so I can't comment on the MSS setting but leaving to default or removing the config line should be fine.




To test, run one of the following commands depending on OS. If configured correctly, you will get a ping response, otherwise an error:


ping -f -l 1472 google.com


ping -M do -s 1472 google.com