Ok so it looks like we are finally stabalised with slingshot what a epic that was every thing that could go wrong did
anyway in summary when things go wrong

1. Demand to speak to a team leader
2. Dont bother with the Operations manager he doesnt call you back
3. If your service keeps on getting disconnected ask for Interleaving to be switched on
4. Request a refund they will credit your account
5. when ringing through press the buttons for new service they answer those lines first
also apparently if you ring on a mobile they answer those first
6. make sure you have a speakerphone for the sometimes hour and a half you wait for tec support
7. When you do get through the personnel are really nice people who try to help you they are hamstrung by the management and company

as for speed etc it is all ok for for new zealand we have to accept that we choose to live here and with so little competition we will continue to get exploited i tell my mates in the states and the uk I pay $130-$150 for internet and phone and they fall of there chairs