dauckland: One of the traceroutes is from the colocation.
Not sure the first few hops matter so no point there.
Plus there is still no answer why trip times are so different.
Orcon are the only cause of this and this is where packet loss was evident a couple of days ago.


This hop suggests that both traces are from your colocation kit. Those traces don't touch the DSL network at all.

ge-0-3-0-450.ar1.nct.orcon.net.nz ( 8.247 ms 8.987 ms 8.229 ms ( 10.304 ms 9.624 ms 9.431 ms

Why the latency is high on one traceroute but not the other is a bit strange.

Can you repeat the traces and give source IP's and times.

Since the latency increases are not within Orcons network, there isn't a huge amount we can do, other than log faults. The big issue here is the return path, which is invisible in a traceroute.