Finally orcon came up with a better plan.  I have been paying $185 for far too long but not wanting to change isp's I stuck with it.  So, they have come through and I am happy about that.

    I get the same download speeds as I used to get, around 1.1-1.2 megabytes per second which is OK and filling up my connection rate.

    One thing I noticed from day one is that youtube is a lot slower.  It has always been slow and very obvious that orcon throttled HD content to the point it was not watchable especially at night.

    I am now finding a lot of content at 360p is also a stop/start fest.   I was just watching a tutorial at 720p.  I need it at that resolution to see whats on the screencast.  Couldn't do it.   I logged in to a VPN and it's going at a proper speed so the bandwidth is not a problem.

    Has anyone recently gone from the old plans to genius and noticed this on youtube?  Its a real pain and dropping in and out of my VPN all the time is a pain as well because a lot of websites see your ip has changed and log you out.