We're looking into getting the Orcon LLU broadband and phone connection ($99 jobbie) at our home. (I think ill go buy top shelf champagne the day we get connected and rid ourselves of the monthly Telecom AP !! )

Orcon are offering us 2 modems : a free modem, or a rented Siemens Gigaset modem. 

What is the best type of ADSL modem to use? Is it one of the ones on offer from Orcon, or is there any better alternative brand / product?
Unsure also whether PPPoA, or PPPoE? We already have an existing wired and wireless network, running over a WAP (Apple Airport Extreme 802.11N, w. 4 port router integrated).

In saying that, we still might not be able to get this service although we are smack bang in their coverage of Mount Albert exchange. When entering our main phone number into the number checker on Orcons website, the service is "Unavailable", however, our "customer link" phone number is saying its available (we;re dropping this number). NUmerous phone calls still unresolved. (This is the glowing quote so far, service and communication.)

cheers in advance