Hi all,

My Orcon SIM was activated today yay!, I can ring/txt fine, but I can't browse the net.
My problem:
I assume Vodafone Live doesn't work with Orcon, so not worried about that to much

But when I try to access the net and browse to www.orcon.net.nz I get Network Not Available, I know I'm supposed to change my APN to www.orcon.net.nz, But in the Internet Profiles section for my Motorola Razr V3x
it has VFNZ Gateway, VFNZ Internet, VFNZ PXT.

So i thought I'd create a New Entry named it Orcon Gateway, but man there are a buttload of things besides APN for example
Service Type 1
Gateway IP
Port 1
Domain 1

Then it just doubles the above has a few other options then GPRS APN, I tried just putting in www.orcon.net.nz
But still get Network Not Available when I try browse the net.

Their helpdesk is closed now so I can't ring and their website help is only for data sticks.

Hoping someone here has been through the process and can help me out

Thanks :)