Hi, today I setup my sister's UK TV, there was no "New Zealand" option for the built in tuner so I tried to use my DishTV T1020 Freeview HD STB instead. It finds all channels, but keeps dropping signal every 5 seconds, if I change channel it will be ok for 5 seconds then stop\stutter and say no signal, sometimes it starts working again for a few seconds. I checked the signal on ch2 while it was going and strength was 91%, quality was 53%, I assume quality needs to be much higher but what might cause it to keep dropping the signal? The T1020 was slightly better at my last flat in Newtown, Ch1 and 2 were watchable, 3 was not, it just stuttered constantly.
Our place has a YAGI-type UHF Aerial, it looks like it's pointed at Kaukau, I'm in Lower Hutt (Epuni), so thought it might be pointed at Fitzherbert, only 2 houses around me are pointed at Fitzherbert, rest are all pointed in Kaukau direction. Does distance to transmitter make a big difference? I don't know if the houses around me are actually using Freeview.
Any tips?