Hey guys.

I am about to put 2gether my HTPC. I have been trialing WinXP with MediaPortal and Win7 with Media center on my desktop.

I noticed most of you guys dig Win7 for HTPC so i tried it. It is not bad, only beef i have it and its annoying with it is that with the Hauppage Remote the power button puts it to sleep. and it somehow i cant wake it up without forcing it to turn off. i have accidentally pushed it several times...grrrrr

is there a way to change what the buttons do of the Hauppage Remote?

2ndly, purely cos Win7 is still in beta and the remote problem, i am thinking installing Vista as my O.S for HTPC, what advantages/disadvantages Vista have compared to Windows 7?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: the TV tuner card is a Hauppage Nova t 500