pjamieson: Worried what to do when Kidzone finishes... God damn, it's only been around for a few years, why don't you do what you did before it existed!!!

Kidzone isn't finishing! It will be on TVNZ 7 as per the press release. 

Yes I'm well aware of that, but the way some people are talking it is like it is the end of the world.  I'm just trying to say calm down, there are many options available.  Basically pay for something (SKY, DVD's, Tivo/PVR's - and record a heap of stuff) or find alternatives (spend more time with kids, play with toys - I'm sure they got plenty at Xmas, play outside etc).

Change is inevitable, you can't rely on programming to stay static, it will continually change based on the market and financial incentives.  And in several more years there will be many other options available, Internet streaming to your TV, IPTV and even with the Government backed UFB they are now saying they can send 500 Freeview type channels down the fibre, so there may be 20 x 24hr kids channels one day maybe.