High setting my grandfather up with the t1020 freview settop box.

want to set him up with EPG recording.

just a question about the off set options.

could sombody quickly explain exactly what this does.

basicly what i want to do is have the EPG record 5mins before the program starts and 5mins after the program starts just incase the EPG is out a little bit.

would i simply give and off set on the start time by 5mins and the off set by 5mins?

also how have you guys found the EPG is this even necacary or is it cutting the start and end of programs off for people?

My grandfather is a bit sceptical about the whole box i bought him, hes using old VCR's at the moment but just bought two new tv's - which have freeview built in. the add on box will allow him to record his programs.  Just want to make sure it goes smoothly. I think if the shop he bought his two tv's off come out one more time they will burn his house down. VCR's are just not made to record FREE View try telling him that.

thanks in advance