Was playing around with MC trying to sort this SBS issue.
Ended up resetting MC (oops!)

Anyway, went thru the setup again and must have put US as country not thinking. Of course it loaded up the internet TV plugin.
Had a look and got it working with the directions from here:

Used Hotspot shield to show a dummy ip.

Added the Hulu desktop and MC plugin

Showed my wife the new season of Desperate Housewives on Hulu.... (i'll leave the rest to your imagination, cause it'll no doubt be more interesting)

Have a good friend in Ohio, USA with unlimited cable internet and a Netflix account. We are going to see if we can set up a VPN via his ip so I can use his netflix account and bypass the Gb limit on Hotspot.
I fear our 10Gb limit thru telecom is going to be massacred...

PS: Mods, I don't think this is a breach of FUGs. Please remove if it is.