Hey guys,

So Im slowly building my media centre up at home.  I have got a lot of it sorted out but realised this week that im running vitally short on memory and that I dont really want my main "mothership" PC running 12/7 for media.

My main media extender for the big TV atm is my PS3.

Essentially im looking for a cheap NAS thats compatible with my PS3 out of the box.

FTP would be cool but its not essential.  Im a basic user.

I am assuming anything with UPnP would be fine, but also are there any particular disc speeds or cache sizes I should be looking for when streaming 1080p video?

I have looked at the Dlink DNS 323(2 bay) which seems to suit the purpose but a)im unsure if it holds 2TB HDs.  Am i able to chuck in one HD now and one later on, as I just intend to run them in RAID 0 for max HD space.

To this end unsure if I should look at splashing out on a 3 disc bay NAS.

Any thoughts, experiences shared would be good!